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Trip for a Lifetime: Day 7

As I was sitting in the lobby of the doctors office today the TV was on the news. I don’t usually watch the world and national news. It tends to be so negative. Everything they were talking about was so doom and gloom. I know that things are hard for a lot of people, but if they are listening to this type of news most of the time it is no wonder they have great fear. It is no wonder they are operating out of a sense of fear. Everything they are hearing brings such uncertainty.

If we who are called by his name do not speak up and interject some peace, hope, and love, this pandemic is going to take a heavy toll on us and those around us. We know that our future has Jesus in it and many do not know this. We know he is the hope of the world. He is our place of refuge and our strength.

During this stretch of road there is very little good being broadcast—it seems to be all negative. If someone has built their life on sinking sand there is no way it can withstand all this negative information. Their only course of action is to operate out of fear. They are counting on themselves and they have no answers. Also, we have to be careful or we can be sucked into that same thinking. Here are somethings I am going to do to keep this from happening. I do not want to give the enemy a foot hold.

  1. I am going to remember all the times that God has been faithful in my life. I’m going to remind Satan of how the Lord has never failed—that I am a son of the most High God. All authority has been given to me.

  2. I am going to do what Philippians 4:4-8 says to do. I choose to rejoice. I choose to think about good things not dwell on the negative as the world does. I will not fear because he will uphold me with his righteous right hand

  3. I am going to praise Him for his faithfulness. Praise Him for his provision. Praise Him for his strength. I will praise Him in all things. I will praise Him in the morning. I will praise Him in the night. I will listen to praise music instead of the news.

Here is a declaration I use and a song:

Let’s speak life to ourselves and those around us!

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