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Trip for a Lifetime: Day 4

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. Romans 12:12

I knew in my mind when I started this trip that it was going to be a long journey. I now feel like my kids did when we took a trip. It didn’t take long before they would ask the questions. “Are we nearly there?” “How much longer before we get there?” I knew the answer before I ask my guide (HOLY SPIRIT) that same question.

I thought he might be irritated at me for asking, but instead of responding the way I thought he would. He answered very calmly. You knew the answer before I asked. He told me that the western world I lived in had caused not only me but most to run out of patience quickly. He also let me know I had been having trouble with patience for a long time.

He went on to let me know that our culture had become consumed with everything instant. Instant coffee to instant gratification. You have become so used to a vending machine mentality. Every thing is just a finger tip away. Pushing a button, drive up windows, and shopping from home. Lines are too long, lights too long, and time to get your food too long. Every need we have is being met at lightning speed.

Anytime your expectation isn’t met, your lack of patience begins to show itself. You have so many things going. There is no way you can do all of them without creating stress and lack of patience. I want you to slow down (this trip has caused this to happen) many things have been removed. You are working on a new normal for a season. I want you to focus on me and see what I see. This trip is more than an inconvenience to some. They are struggling with hard choices, with difficult situations, and life changing circumstances.

If you will continue to spend more time with me, one of the things we can work on is patience. Patience is one of my characteristics. I would love to help you grow in this area.

Let’s work on looking beyond your problems. Try looking to those around you. To those who are getting car sick because of the bumps, turns, and the steep road. Many times when you begin a trip you put on sun glasses. Why don’t you do as Leif Hetland says and put SON glasses on. They will help you see as I see. Maybe the world will begin to look different. Maybe you will be able to overcome your lack of patience by focusing on others

The father waited patiently for the prodigal son. Thank you LORD for being patient with me.


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