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Recognizing the Need for Divine Intervention

As I drove to meet with my oncologist on January 28, 2022, for my initial exam, the Lord gave me a word. Since I was literally driving, I leaned on Siri to dictate this word to share with Kirby and my family. And, you know it had to have been from the Lord because for the first time ever Siri recorded my west Texas draw with the exact words that I wanted to say.

“As I drive to this doctor‘s appointment full of potentially bad news, I’m reminded of all the times that others before me have had the potential of bad news…

Moses potentially faced destruction as the pharaoh was closing in on the Red Sea but God intervened

The promise of nations potentially could have failed when Abraham gave Sara over to a king out of fear for himself but again God intervened

David potentially could have fallen to the hands of Goliath interrupting the line of Judah to Jesus but again God intervened.

Yes I may potentially have cancer and I may potentially face some form of treatment but I believe in a God who intervenes!”

Being a teacher, I can in some ways relate to this act of intervention. When a student struggles to grow as a reader (or in any subject) they often become discouraged or disappointed in themselves. This creates doubt and insecurities in their ability as a learner. My desire and duty as their teacher are to step in and help students by offering extra strategies to build success and confidence. I intervene. Switch to another type of student, the one that can’t seem to follow rules or make good choices in behavior. Many will even deem this kid, “The Troublemaker.” But this student really just needs someone to step in to steer them towards more positive choices. They need someone to help them to reflect on their behavior, how it is affecting themselves and others. They need discipline followed by accountability. They need someone to intervene.

Let us put ourselves in one of their shoes. Do you let negative self-dialogue cloud your ability for success? Maybe you’ve found yourself down a road of self-harming, sinful choices. Or, perhaps yours is a scenario where the circumstances around you have left you in a place of feeling hopelessness and doubt. Some of us could probably even choose D, all the above. Friends, if we’re honest, we could all use a good ol’ Divine Intervention in some area of our life.

That, y’all, is exactly the God we serve, he is our Divine Intervention. He gives us the Holy Spirit to come into those places where we need extra support. He gives us encouraging words through scripture and other believers when we feel down and out. Because of Jesus, He leads us out of darkness and into marvelous light when our sinful nature tries to take over. He makes things happen in the natural with His sovereign supernatural abilities. We just have to be willing to let God intervene. We have to recognize our lack and His fulfillment.

Remember, God, delivered Daniel from the Lions, made lame men walk, fed 5000 from one kid's lunch, rose Lazarus from the dead. Through Moses, God even brought water from a rock! My miracle-working, promise-keeping God intervenes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever! I don’t know what intervention you are needing today but I am confident He can and will intervene for you.

So fast forward to today March 17, 2022, and as many of you know that “potential” has materialized. For those of you that have been following our story, the procedure and biopsy back in February confirmed what the doctors had presumed, stage 1 invasive cancer. Thankfully my amazing team of doctors quickly formed another plan On April 6th, I will have a c-section to welcome our precious baby boy, Knox, immediately followed by a Radical Hysterectomy. Our prayer and hope are that Knox is healthy and thriving from the very second he enters this world. Another prayer is that my lymph nodes show negative margins and the hysterectomy is completely curative of all cancer, in Jesus' name!

In all of this, just like I declared from the beginning of this journey, I don’t know how he’ll do it, but I still fully believe in a God that will intervene!

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